Artists Statement

For as long as I can remember, designing has been a compulsion: an I-can’t-sleep-at-night impulse that fills my head with shapes and colors usually in the language of mosaic. I literally can’t sleep at night because my head is full of shapes and colors! It appears as an absolute miracle of flowing form and correlating colors that keeps calling me back to my studio again and again. And each time I strive to articulate one of these compelling visions, I find myself on another fascinating creative tangent. I never do the same thing twice; and there’s so many combinations that it never stops. I HAVE to create.
From large-scale architectural installations to micro studies in the form of wearable fine art, I am obsessed with mosaic combinations. Whether welded and sculpted with precious gemstones or intricately combined with one-of-a-kind found objects, my latest creations are specifically designed to transform artistic expression from mere visual pleasures to functional and fashionable statements – fine art you can wear!


My latest design forays include glass buckles uniquely crafted with hand-forged metal, sculpted resin, precious gemstones, fossils, and recycled, found objects—wearable, collectable art pieces currently being worn by prominent artists such as Keith Richards, Steven Tyler, Cameron Diaz, Carrie Underwood and Tanya Tucker.

Other works of note include international award-winning sculpture “The Four Stages of Learning.” Currently installed at the Georgia Health Sciences College of Dental Medicine, the massive mosaic hangs from the ceiling at 28 feet, spanning nearly three floors of the school’s new atrium.