Leather Belts

$ 35.00

Great accessory for all outfits the basic leather belt in black, brown, or white (when available).

  • Every buckle includes 1 complimentary strap - please indicate color and size (not available in sizes above what is listed below - we apologize)
  • Additional belts $35.00
  • Sizes:
    Small 30-32" (worn on hips ladies size 2-4)
    Med 33-35" (worn on hips ladies size 6-10)
    Large 36-38" (worn on hips ladies size 12-14)
    XL 39-42" (worn on hips ladies size 16-18)
    XXL 43-46" (worn on hips ladies size 20-22) Currently Unavailable
  • ****Free belt is not available in sizes above the ones above - we do apologize.  Special orders in sizes above these will incur additional fees and shipping.

Blue no longer available.  White is seasonal and very limited please contact us for availability.

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